Allergy and Immunology

Our mission in creating Allergy and Immunology e-magazine is to provide the most current source of information, both in laymen’s terms and for medical professionals, about immune system disorders and issues, in addition to being a source of inspiration for those more interested in the art, music, research, and education facets of immunity and health. We want to raise the bar of public understanding in the field of immunology by making current information not just available but attractive, interactive, and entertaining. Each issue is planned to be a polished symphony of sounds, images, human interest, public service, and good immunology.

Because PI is interested in providing materials not only for continuing medical education but for patient education as well, we’ve coupled with Washington DC’s CityDanceEnsemble to produce an interpretive dance for every issue’s featured immune system disease. These abstract dance expressions will convey a range of emotions and symptoms felt by those experiencing the various disorders we cover, and we intend to promote these pieces in our own magazine, in our videos, on CD’s, in the media, at fundraising events, and in public awareness campaigns. Exhibiting dance is a capability not possible in printed magazines, and our goal is to take advantage of every technology possible to communicate and accomplish our mission. We plan to “conduct” our virtual symphony of content into compositions that are viewable in every issue. We want Allergy and Immunology e-magazine to provide to people who have immunological illnesses a place to go for inspiration, for well-rounded and full-bodied coverage of the topic, and for sources of additional help by providing links to all the help we can find.

That help will come in many forms, including links to the newest clinical trials and experimental therapies, medications from pharmaceutical companies, and the locations of specialized care centers. We want Allergy and Immunology to help the human condition. If we can do that by tying into the desperate needs of third-world countries for prevention, treatment, medicines, vaccines, and cures, and providing a vehicle to facilitate that effort, we want to do that. If clinical trials can be filled with appropriate subjects because of the ease of entering them via, we will be happy. If our efforts to educate the public can prevent the unnecessary withdrawal from the market of childhood vaccines-suspicious only in popular opinion–then Allergy and Immunology e-magazine will be justified.

We are producing Allergy and Immunology e-magazine to be more readable than any original peer-reviewed science article –a source of information more current than any textbook–but written with a human approach. Allergy and Immunology e-magazine will be a perfect source of information for patient and physician education. We intend to develop towards public service TV, and we hope to provide annual CDs and hardcopies of our e-magazine as summaries of each year’s art and articles. That is our mission.

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