Women and Heart Disease

How Much Do You Know About Heart Disease and Women?

Heart disease and women is an issue that has been overlooked and underplayed by the scientific community of researchers and doctors. Much is known, but a lack of access to this information can severely lower the quality of your life. What you don’t know can kill you.

In 1997, the American Heart Association reported that only 8% of American women think they are in danger of cardiovascular disease and stroke. It’s a known fact that a woman’s life is more likely to be cut short by a stroke or heart attack than by breast or lung cancer. Women account for more than half of all heart attack deaths and approximately 60% of stroke fatalities. It is also a known fact that heart attacks are more likely to be fatal for women than for men. Previously thought to be a “man only” illness, heart disease is currently the number one killer of women in the United States.

Rather than do little more than hope you don’t develop heart disease, there are certain measures that can be taken to protect yourself and your loved ones from this deadly disease that strikes all too often.

By adopting a sensible diet, keeping physically fit and making other necessary lifestyle changes, you can reduce your risk of heart disease. While nothing can be done to change your genetic risk factors for heart disease, there’s a great deal that can be done to reduce other risk factors to lessen your chances.

The sooner we understand that what we eat, what we do, and how we behave strongly shifts the balance between a healthy heart and a troubled heart, the closer we are not just to strengthening our heart but to enriching our entire life. Become a heart health advocate for yourself and for other women. Learn to live longer and healthier.

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