What are the causes of osteoporosis?

A person may have weakness in the bones because of a large number of reasons and it is not always essential that the reasons are same in all the persons and some time even after going for the factors that can help in understanding what is osteoporosis and the effects a person may have to face in this disease. However there are a few reasons that are considered are highly responsible for causing this disease and some of the causes of Osteoporosis are


Definitely is definitely responsible for giving rise to a large number of diseases and this includes Osteoporosis as well. Smoke often kills the amount of calcium from the body of a person and this plays a significant role I giving rise to this disease. It is said that the weakness of the bones in many cases depends upon the factor that how much a person smoke in a day. Basically smoking is something that is considered as a calcium absorber as well as the killer of the tissues of the bones. The bone tissues are killed in a very large amount and when the tissues of the bones are killing the person’s face weak bone which is considered as Osteoporosis.

Family background

There are a large number of experts who says that when a person has the issue of Osteoporosis with him definitely the upcoming generations of the person have the same problem. Generally in case one parent has Osteoporosis then the probability is that their child has Osteoporosis however this is not always necessary but in the majority of cases it does. Sometime what happen is that the parents of a person don’t have this problem but his/her grandparents have and Osteoporosis originates in that person as well.


The body builders often make use of steroids in order to increase their body strength and size but actually the steroid acts as a calcium absorber and thus contributes in giving rise to this disease in the body. It is because of this reason it is highly recommended that if you are building the body and making use of testosterone boosters then definitely you have to focus on taking more calcium as well and in addition to this you are also advised to drink more and more water.


Just like smoking alcohol also widely contributes in giving rise to this disease and this is considered as one of the primary reasons for the Osteoporosis in a large number of people. When a person takes alcohol on a regular basis he/she can get affected by the Osteoporosis very easily and in a very short period of time. Basically avoiding the alcohol is not easy for any person and it has been said that when a person fails in avoiding the alcohol on time probably he/she face this problem for a long period of time in the life.

It must be noted that because women have a weak bone density than men and also the bone density of older people are also less. This is the leading factor that is responsible for having the most number of cases of Osteoporosis in women, so the question of what is osteoporosis is crucial for women.

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