The help of a pulmonologist is necessary for people with lung diseases, smokers, residents of environmentally disadvantaged areas. Among the most common diagnoses are bronchitis, COPD, pneumonia, pleurisy. Respiratory infections are widespread. They are severe, require long, critical and intensive treatment, and can lead to severe consequences.

Pulmonologists: Role in Lung Disease

The respiratory system is most vulnerable in the fall and winter when the temperature drops below zero and colds are every day.

What Is a Pulmonologist?

First of all, any pulmonologist is a therapist. If the therapist is very competent and intelligent, then the difference in the quality of the consultation is insignificant.

What Does a Pulmonologist Do?

Of course, any narrow specialist knows his subject more deeply and more accurately, but without proper knowledge in therapy, a good pulmonologist will not work out.

Therefore, a good therapist is better than a lousy pulmonologist.

For prevention, you need a varied, high-quality diet, rich in vitamins and healthy fats. Take HGH supplements, do not allow hypothermia of the body, excluding smoking (active and passive), and the body will cope.

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