Sports Medicine

Today, there are more people engaging themselves in physical activity. As more people become active, there is a higher risk of injury. From the gym working out to a football game on the field, injuries happen. When they do happen, the athletic trainers are there to help recognize, manage and rehab wherever is necessary. There is always going to be a certified athletic trainer that is there to be a source, however, there are students around them learning the different techniques and aids to be effective.

Administrators and coaches at the high school are benefitting from having an athletic trainer there for student-athletes to come when injured. The parents and students are also beneficial because the athlete is able to come and work to strengthen without doctor’s fees and worrying about transportation because the trainer is right at the school with them.

The student athletic trainers in training are learning about injury and illness prevention, first aid and emergency care, nutrition, and the human anatomy (what muscles you can work to recover from an injury). They learn how to tape, bandage, and brace athletes to prepare them keep safe and prevent injuries or re-injury. The students have to take tests to show that they know how to do these things before they move on. Being an athletic trainer is great if your future consists of being a certified athletic trainer, working in sports medicine, or even becoming a doctor.

It is great to have these skills to learn the basics so when you dive into working with it, you already have some background information and prior knowledge to succeed.

They are especially well-suited to care for people with medical problems (for example, asthma, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, or obesity) who wish to begin an exercise program, try testosterone boosters, improve their fitness, and lose weight with otc diet pills.

Official Sports Medicine Provider

From the initial injury to getting you back on the field or out on the trail, Carolina West Sports Medicine is there for you and your team!

We provide a full spectrum of sports medicine coverage. In addition to our physicians, our providers include physical therapists specializing in orthopedic and sports medicine rehabilitation. Our physical therapy clinic is located in the Health and Human Sciences Building at Western Carolina University. Our outreach program consists of certified athletic trainers who provide coverage for Cherokee, Smoky Mountain, Swain County, and Robbinsville High Schools, as well Blue Ridge and Highlands Schools. We also provide team physician coverage to Western Carolina University.

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